How to pick the right roofing contractor

With so many ”roofing contractors” out there today it can be a daunting task to pick one that is going to do the best quality job possible for your specific situation

First, let me say that you do “GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. Not every roofer does a quality job and not every material used is manufactured for longevity.

With so many choices out there on the market today you need to do your research not only on your contractor but also on the materials they use. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about there experience, check their reviews and even ask for references and pictures of there work if they can supply them.

Ask about there warranty period and whether they subcontract there work or do it themselves with there own crews. I’ve seen so many crews out there that will do a roof in 1 day that they fly through it, get paid, and get out without making sure the job is properly completed. This leaves you with a short term warranty that’s up before the next wind storm hits and you're left with an expensive repair on a new roof that you have to cover yourself.

Bottom line is to do your research and you will thank yourself later